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Shaolin Kung Fu refers to a collection of Chinese martial arts that claim affiliation with the Shaolin Monastery. Of the tens of thousands of kung fu wushu styles, several hundred might have some relationship to Shaolin; however, aside from a few very well known systems, such as Xiao Hong Quan, the Da Hong Quan, Yin Shou Gun, Damo Sword, 易筋經: Yì Jīn Jīng, etc. it would be almost impossible to establish a verifiable connection to the Temple for any one particular art.


There is a saying:all Martial Arts of this world were created under the sun of Shaolin. Shaolin Kung Fu is as vast and complex as the universe. This site will barely scratch the surface of its depths. An ancient Shaolin Master once said: "Study Shaolin Style in great depth, then absorb the special qualities of other styles. Set for your high ideals. Study for wisdom and train the body. Never fear evil. Always fight for Justice." A good soldier is not violent. A good fighter is not furious. A good winner is not vindictive.



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As we know,the shào (少) in "Shaolin" refers to "Mount Shaoshi", a mountain in the Songshan mountain range and lin (林) means "forest". With sì (寺), the name literally means "monastery/temple in the woods of Mount Shaoshi".Others, such as the late master Chang Dsu Yao, translate "Shaolin" as "young (new)Forest"or sometimes translated as "little forest".


Shaolin is located in Mt.Song in the province of Henan, was built in the 20th year of the Tàihé era of the Northern Wei Dynasty,that is, the monastery was built in AD497.When you talk about Chinese martial arts, you can not miss Shaolin Kongfu.Actually Shaolin Kongfu was the roots of all martial arts in China. You will reach that all martial arts are either a direct or indirect descendents of Shaolin Kongfu.Shaolin Monks have been practicing Kongfu for over 1500 years.



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