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Shaolin China belongs to Wai group company in China.It is the official web for international foreigners to learn Shaolin culture ,travel to Shaolin with kind translator,train in Shaolin temple with monks, shopping Shaolin Kongfu books,DVD,swords,or enjoy the green Shaolin food,etc.


As we know,the shào (少) in "Shaolin" refers to "Mount Shaoshi", a mountain in the Songshan mountain range and lin (林) means "forest". With sì (寺), the name literally means "monastery/temple in the woods of Mount Shaoshi".Others, such as the late master Chang Dsu Yao, translate "Shaolin" as "young (new)Forest"or sometimes translated as "little forest".


Shaolin is located in Mt.Song in the province of Henan, was built in the 20th year of the Tàihé era of the Northern Wei Dynasty,that is, the monastery was built in AD497.When you talk about Chinese martial arts, you can not miss Shaolin Kongfu.Actually Shaolin Kongfu was the roots of all martial arts in China. You will reach that all martial arts are either a direct or indirect descendents of Shaolin Kongfu.Shaolin Monks have been practicing Kongfu for over 1500 years.


Tai chi chuan ( Chinese:太極拳) is an internal Chinese martial art often practiced for health reasons. Tai chi is typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: its hard and soft martial art technique, demonstration competitions, health and longevity. Consequently, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims. Some of tai chi chuan's training forms are well known to Westerners as the slow motion routines that groups of people practice together every morning in parks around the world, particularly in Mt.Wudang in China.


Tai Chi, as it is practiced in the west today, can perhaps best be thought of as a moving form of yoga and meditation combined. There are a number of so- called forms (sometimes also called 'sets') which consist of a sequence of movements. Many of these movements are originally derived from the martial arts (and perhaps even more ancestrally than that, from the natural movements of animals and birds) although the way they are performed in Tai Chi is slowly, softly and gracefully with smooth and even transitions between them.


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